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Bronopol chemistry is named 2-bromo-2-bitro-1,3-propanediol.
CAS login number: 52-51-7
Alternative names Bronopol.

Physical and chemical indicators:
1. Bronopol has a broad spectrum of bacterial inhibition and can effectively inhibit Gram-negative bacteria, positive bacteria, yeasts, molds and algae;
2. Bronopol can be used with organic substances in cosmetics, non-ionic surfactants, anionic, cationic, surfactants, proteins.
3. pH value is applicable from 4 to 8, it is unstable under high temperature and alkaline condition, and the color will be darkened under sunlight. Aluminum, iron and other metal materials can reduce its antibacterial activity.

1. Bronopol is used as a disinfectant in the pharmaceutical industry;
2. The recommended concentration in cosmetics is 200 ppm. in cosmetics, as a preservative it can be mainly used in snow cream, shampoo, baby bath, liquid soap, baby shampoo, foam bath, lotion, skin cream, protein bath, make-up, hair conditioner, hair dye, hair cream and bath gel, etc.
3. Bronopol can be respectively and isothix, quaternary ammonium salt, polyquaternium, vinyl monomethyl ether and other biocides to form a new class of biocides, widely used in cooling water, paper pulp and air conditioning circulating water and other fields.
4. Oil re-injection water will be Brobdingnagian and surfactants into strips and blocks of solid biocides, can control the growth of microorganisms in oil well water, and can be dispersed and dissolved in water but not in oil, so it can enter the bottom of the oil system in the water layer to kill bacteria, so as to effectively inhibit the corrosion of metal workpieces.
5. Odor eliminator
    Bronopol-based toilet air deodorizer can both kill microorganisms at very low concentrations, but also effectively remove ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan in toilet air and water, and because Bronopol-based odorless, inexpensive, with it as a germicide deodorizer can be used not only for household toilets, but also for the deodorant solution for unpleasant odors in waste disposal. Deodorant composed of Bronopol as bactericide and deodorizer, metal sulfate or metal chloride as filler and pyrrole compound as anti-corrosive agent can be used for deodorization of fecal flushing in trains, buses, airplanes and ships.

Other industrial fields:
    Bronopol especially has excellent inhibition effect on Pseudomonas, plus good water solubility, can be used with isothian and other fungicides.
In addition to the above fields, it is also widely used in emulsions, coatings, pigments, solid glues, cutting fluids and other water-based products. However, when compounding, it should be noted that Bronopol is easy to cause discoloration.
Safety performance indicators:
Item Indicator
Acute oral LD50 in mice(mg/Kg) 222~266
Acute skin irritation test in rabbits (stock solution) Non-irritating
Antibacterial properties:
Microorganism name Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) PPM
Escherichia coli 100
Bacillus deformans 100
Staphylococcus aureus 50
Bacillus subtilis 50
Penicillium extendedum 50
Penicillium rotundum 50
Aspergillus flavus 40
Package: 25Kg/drum

Caution: Please pay attention to personal protection during operation. If the original solution accidentally comes into contact with skin or eye mucous membrane, please rinse with water immediately.

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