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XK - MIT methlisothiazolinone Cosmetics Preservative Wholesale

XK - MIT methlisothiazolinone Cosmetics Preservative

XK - MIT methlisothiazolinone Cosmetics Preservative

Performance characteristics:
1. Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a broad-spectrum bactericidal preservative, that can effectively kill algae, bacteria and fungi.
2. The effective dosage is small, non-toxic and non-polluting, widely used, very easy to mix in various formulations.
3. After releasing the use concentration, it is easily biodegraded into non-toxic and non-polluting substances. Low toxicity, emission without residue, the
4. Good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components 
5. MIT can effectively kill a variety of bacteria at low concentration, especially suitable for the preservation of cosmetics and personal care preparations.
6. Applicable pH range pH2.0-12.0, miscible with water, can be added in any process, easy to operate.
Chinese name: Methylisothiazolinone
CAS No. : 2682-20-4
Molecular weight: 115.15
Chemical property: It has a certain odor.
Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent liquid
Alias: 2-methyl-isothiazoline, 2-methyl-isothiazolin-3-one, 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, 2-methyl-3(2H)-isothiazolinone; 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MIT)
Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a highly effective fungicide, heat-resistant water-based preservative, which has a good effect on inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew, and the product can be directly added to personal care products, cosmetics, paints, pulp and other fields.
Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) can be widely used in industrial cooling water, circulating water, oilfield return tank water, paper industry, pipelines, coatings, paints, rubber and cosmetics, photographic film and detergents and other industries, especially for the preservation of cosmetics and personal care preparations. Generally, it is also commonly used as a preservative in bath, shampoo and washing liquid.

1. Used in industrial products, the general dosage is 0.01-0.4%; pH value use range 2-12; avoid excessive high temperature in less than 50 degrees Celsius is better to join.
2. It can be used with various surfactants, emulsifiers and other ingredients; avoid using methyl, ethylamine, mercaptan, thioether and sub-salt. The exact amount of addition can be obtained from the test of our microbiology technology center.

Package specification: 25 or 200kg plastic drums. Storage period at room temperature and away from light, sealed against moisture.

Caution: This product can be added in any process, but should be avoided in conditions above 50℃ as far as possible, it is recommended to add in the last process below 50℃. 
Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye protection and mask to avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co.,Ltd.

Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co.,Ltd. is famous China XK - MIT methlisothiazolinone Cosmetics Preservative manufacturers and OEM/ODM XK - MIT methlisothiazolinone Cosmetics Preservative suppliers, specializes in producing preservatives,fungicides,and biocides for a wide range of daily products. The former of our company is Xinke Daily Chemical Company,which was established in 1999,and in 2003 it was renamed Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co., Ltd., but the trademark “XK” is still used. The XK brand has been known and used by the international manufacturers in the fields of cosmetics, construction, home decor, water treatment, textiles, cleaning products, and paper. The core products--wood protection and kathon based preservatives are widely used in many countries, the feedback from our clients are popularly positive. Our products kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria,mildew,and fungi, so your products could stay fresh for a long time.

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